Maxwell 'SprocketRocket' Smidowicz

"I sure hope I am not hit by a 1996 Toyota Corrola"

Sprocket is primarily a level designer and environment artist, but also serves double duty on the programming team. He aspires to eventually work his way into 2D and 3D art, rounding out his development skillset and expanding his horizons for environment design. He's passionate about realism in his designs, sometimes too much for his own good!

Outside the team, Sprocket is a computer science student and aspiring software engineer based in St. Louis. He's more than willing to talk about all things technology, be it the latest software or obscure devices lost to time. He has a soft spot for retro tech, electronic music, and the outdoors, and tries his best to make people laugh (or at least smile).

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Project Contributions

Project: Peer Review

Task: Infrastructure Engineering

Infrastructure Engineer

Project: Peer Review

Task: Level Design

Level Designer

Project: Peer Review

Task: Programming