Quarterly Updates Are Hard


"We promised quarterly updates, and we wanted the Q2 update to be earlier, but after posting our Q1 update, the following quarter promptly exploded. We're sure you've noticed."

Yo yo, what's up, Gs? And Ls, Bs, Ts, and the rest of ya. Happy pride month! Yeah, it's a bit late, but can ya blame us? We promised quarterly updates, and we wanted the Q2 update to be earlier, but after posting our Q1 update, the following quarter promptly exploded. We're sure you've noticed.

Needless to say, our team isn't immune to the world descending into madness, given that we're some of the idiots that live in it. Usually madness is our forte but things have been next-level.

Progress the last few months has been on the slower side, what with the free sample apocalypse. There were even some signs of team-wide burnout, so we took a "break," from our usual development cycle, something we do whenever we notice overall productivity is down. That said, internal deadlines have been adjusted and we've resumed development as usual. Back to the old grind!

It hasn't been all breaks and masks, however! Things are still happening and we've still got stuff to show you. As per usual, our small but productive 3D art department has been busy. Have a peek into these retinal scanners for proof!


Retinal Scanner


Unfortunately, we still don’t have a strong character art department, however that hasn’t stopped us from having a look at eyes! None of us are immune to proper ganders, so here’s some assorted eyeballs for your viewing pleasure. It’s a small touch, but at least irises aren’t a blurry mess as they are in stock Source.




Additionally, last update we showed off the HEV suit charger, so it’s only reasonable that now you get to see its companion, the health charger!


Health Charger


Remember our talk about Art Studies last update? Well we’ve been at work on others, as well. Have a look at this art study for Crossfire!


Crossfire - Art Study


Finally, Jupiter’s been whacking away at his midi keys and DAWs and MP3s and NWAs as usual. Have another track, there’s plenty more where it came from!



Venturing towards the more personal area, we have a community Discord server because it's 2020 and you haven't joined enough servers yet! Over here we talk about development, both for Peer Review and in general, as well as random chatter. A community member recently got new kittens. Jupiter made a Minecraft bunny farm. You're missing out on so much. Talk with the devs, talk with other Half-Life/Decay lovers, and have a nice time!

Another avenue we've got is Twitter. Here we post updates, sometimes share content that doesn't make it to ModDB, and share neato fan art!

Remember when we mentioned we don’t have a full character art department? Moments ago? Well, that’s still true. Perhaps you’re a character artist or know one? Or heck, maybe you’re not a character artist, but are a pretty decent level designer, 3D artist, programmer, whathaveyou. We’re in super desperate need of character and concept artists, but we’ve got space for pretty much every department except audio-based and writing. If you love Half-Life: Decay (doubtful) or hate it enough to wanna make it better like us, feel free to check out the application form and give the team a shot!

As a side note, if you’ve applied in the past and haven’t heard from us, our bad! We’ve got a small little backlog during our break. There may be a slight delay in hearing back from us if you’re a new applicant, but rest assured we’ll try to keep it timely!

Finally, we feed off hearing your thoughts. If you've got any comments, questions or cries of outrage, either against us or your local virus or police force, feel free to post them below! Hearing you guys' feedback helps give us motivation to keep going and go faster.

See you all next quarter!